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Recruiting Technology: A Key Solution for Addressing Your IT Talent Shortage


The height of the Coronavirus pandemic was a challenging time for most industries. Many businesses closed down and others dwindled their operations to minimum staffing to survive, resulting in massive layoffs. Like other industries, the IT (Information Technology) industry, too, witnessed a downturn. 

Months have passed since the pandemic, and the IT industry has recovered and booming again. Many new IT job positions have emerged in various private and government sectors. It has become a big challenge for organizations’ recruiters to find the best talent quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively for their vacant positions. 

Various factors have contributed to this challenge: –

Firstly, the demand for IT candidates is high compared to the supply. According to Janco’s report, over 100,000 jobs for experienced IT professionals remain unfilled in the US. This demand has led to intense competition among organizations to pull in the best candidates from the common pool of IT job seekers. While candidates are juggling multiple job offers, organizations face the challenge of filling their positions quickly. The inability to fill these positions on time costs organizations money.

Secondly, during the pandemic, work culture underwent a drastic change. Working from home, people could spend more time with their family, save their commute time and work more flexible hours. Post-pandemic, many reported back to work in their office, while others left their jobs and accepted other jobs/projects that allowed them to work from home. Organizations must be flexible and provide remote working options to attract these workers and utilize their abilities and knowledge for their benefit.

Thirdly, organizations’ recruiters still use time-intensive, inefficient, and costly methods of finding candidates and recruiting them for their IT positions. They manually post their jobs on multiple job boards and look through LinkedIn, social media sites, and other online platforms to find candidates looking for jobs. The recruiters manually screen resumes checking which candidates’ skills, knowledge, and qualifications match their job positions. They contact the chosen candidates through emails or calls and schedule their interviews, followed by validating their backgrounds, experiences, and qualifications before hiring them. All these tasks are time consuming and delay the hiring process. So, organizations may lose the candidates to other organizations with a quicker and more efficient candidate search and hiring process. 

Apart from searching for candidates, recruiters also perform tasks like performance tracking, payroll processing, taxation-related tasks, forming and implementing employee policies, etc.  

All these factors contribute to the challenge for organizations to find top talent quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively to resolve their IT staff shortage.

Employers need a comprehensive approach to solve this challenge. Using the latest and most effective recruitment technology is a key part of this approach. It can enable organizations to achieve quicker, effortless, hassle-free, and successful candidate search and recruitment processes. 

Let’s see how recruitment technology can benefit your organization. 

1. Automating repetitive tasks

Recruiting technology uses data intelligence to perform repetitive tasks like job posting and candidate filtering automatically. So, your recruiters become free to put time and effort into connecting with high-quality candidates, thus making them more efficient and productive.

By assisting your recruiters in managing candidate applications faster, the technology enables them to match up with the rapid pace of hiring in today’s business environment. Also, this leads to significant cost savings for your company. 

2. Find better candidates faster with refined filtering

In today’s tight IT job market, there is intense competition among organizations to hire high-quality candidates from a common pool of job seekers. The organizations that can find and hire the best quality candidates speedily will win over other organizations with a delayed candidate finding and hiring process. 

The delays occur due to the manual filtering of candidate applications, causing your organization to miss top-notch talent that has secured job offers with other organizations who approached them faster than you. 

AI-based recruitment tools and technology can help prevent these delays. It uses machine learning and data intelligence to automatically and quickly sort the best candidates based on customized criteria. One can quickly approach these candidates and close them with the job offer before other organizations do. 

3. Gain better insights from recruiting data

By sorting and processing recruiting data, this technology helps recruiters analyze whether broadly focused job boards like Monster, Dice, and Indeed or association based/industry-specific job boards attract higher-quality candidates. Also, they can decide which job postings attract top-quality candidates. This actionable data helps recruiters adjust midway and shun job boards not yield results before a failed candidate search occurs.  

Also, the technology allows recruiters to automatically pull in candidates’ skills, experience, and qualifications data from various job portals and social media websites. By analyzing this data, they can decide if a candidate’s quality score matches their vacancy.

4. Integration with existing business dashboards

There is no need to create a new dashboard to analyze the recruiting and hiring data gathered by these AI-based tools and technologies. The data integrates into your existing dashboards. This data analysis enables your recruiters to show their value in terms of improved ROI on your hiring budget. It also helps you better understand how their recruiting efforts improve your bottom line.

5. Benefits Candidates

Apart from benefitting HR professionals, recruitment technology software also helps to improve the candidate experience. By automating simple tasks like follow-up communication, candidates are able to understand the employer’s response to their job application. This automation helps to remove uncertainty in their minds regarding what happened to their application. By accelerating the hiring process, the software enables candidates to make informed decisions when accepting offers and avoid guessing their job application outcomes. 

Xyber IT, a leading US IT staffing provider, provides cutting-edge and effective recruitment technology solutions for organizations that enable them to streamline their IT candidate search and recruitment process and make it quicker, more efficient, and more fruitful.  We save you money and get you the right person for each position.    

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