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We Find the Right
People for Your Organization 

We Find the Right
People for Your Organization 

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Contract Staffing

Contract staff needs arise when unforeseen circumstances come up. Through our human resources here at Xyber IT, these positions can be filled quickly. We find staff that have the qualifying skills and temperament that fit your short-term and long-term staffing needs.

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Permanent Staffing

Whether you’re looking for designers or developers CIOs or CDOs, Xyber IT will help identify qualified and experienced IT candidates that are fit for your permanent staffing needs.

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Customized Staffing

Every organization is different, and so are its workforce’s needs. The Master Vendor Programs from Xyber IT are specially made programs that cater to your organization’s unique hiring needs. The Master Vendors Program helps simplify your recruitment management process.

Contract To Hire

Contract To Hire

Our contract-to-hire staffing solution will help you assess whether a candidate’s skill and performance during a trial period are fit for your needs. Xyber IT offers contract-to-hire trial solutions of up to 1 year. 

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Located in Austin, TX, Xyber IT is one of the most reputable and leading IT staffing Jobs providers in the USA. Many private and government organizations are searching for the best IT talent and have found their ideal talents here at Xyber IT. We here at Xyber IT utilize the latest technological tools, and recruiting power to discover the best IT talents that fit your needs in a time-efficient and cost-efficient way.

At Xyber IT, we make the talent search process more convenient for you. We meticulously test and screen candidates in order to provide highly qualified and experienced candidates that best suit not only your needs but also your organization’s values.

We customize our searches based on your hiring needs. Whether it be permanent or contractual, Xyber IT is your reliable partner for your IT staffing needs.

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For Work?

4 step hiring process

We follow a streamlined approach to hire the best talent for you.

Discuss your specific hiring needs with us.

You can share information about your job roles with our recruitment specialists either through email or phone. This will enable our specialists to better understand and analyze the level of experience, skills, expertise and kind of corporate culture you seek in candidates. Our recruitment specialists will work on finding the ideal candidates for you, and deliver in a timely manner, whether it be today, in a few weeks, or a month later.

Information Technology Specialist Jobs

We provide a comprehensive range of flexible and high-quality staffing solutions.

We offer talents available for your temporary, contract-to-hire, full-time, or contract positions. You can confidently rely on effective and efficient staffing solutions from Xyber IT to fill your vacant positions. We provide you only with the best and qualified professionals that are highly skilled and experienced. You can choose from a wide network of associates, consultants, full-time expert employees, and professionals provided by C2C partners. Our staffing solutions fit your budget as you pay only when you hire. Get in touch with us to explain your hiring needs and budget.  

Review and shortlist candidates

From the general pool of professionals, we choose those that match best with your job roles and requirements. We test their skills and experience, and screen their credentials. Once we are fully satisfied, we share the professionals with you for the interview process. You can select the professionals that is a perfect fit for the given role or your organization. Our specialists will assist you through various aspects of the recruitment process to ensure the hiring experience is smooth and enjoyable for both you and your new potential employee. 

We forge a long-term relationship with you

We strive to provide you an effortless and pleasant hiring experience. Our top-notch customer service and support are not limited to providing you the best professionals, but we try to go the extra mile to make sure that all your needs are taken care of in a timely manner. At Xyber IT, we make sure that your future hiring, employee retention, and other related matters are taken care of even after availing our services.

Let Xyber IT find you a job

Xyber IT - Easiest way to find your next job

Are you looking for a satisfying and challenging job that enhances your skillset, and adds a new dimension to your career? We at Xyber IT are committed to helping you find that dream job. Xyber IT has a network of companies for your chosen industry and location. We provide you with the best solutions, connections, and guidance that enables you to find your dream job among the vacant positions in your preferred location easier and faster.


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Share your resume

We are eager to find the next job for you and for this we need to know if you’re qualified. Share your resume or your LinkedIn profile details with us today. Once we find a job position that is a perfect match for your skills and knowledge, we will get back to you.   

Understanding your career aspirations and goals

A resume provides basic information about your qualifications and skills, but we would love to know and understand you more to find the best match for your career expectations, and aspirations. Connect with us

Mentoring and preparing you for the next job

Our team of recruiters will not only help you find your ideal job, but also provide you necessary guidance and support to help you secure the job. This includes polishing your resume, preparing you for interviews, and sharing valuable insights about salary and hiring trends. 


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