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11 Signs That Show You Need a Staffing Agency

With the passage of time, your business is growing and flourishing. This has caused an increase in demand for new employees with a particular experience and skill set. Your in-house HR team is finding it quite difficult to cope up with increasing candidate sourcing and hiring demands. In this scenario, a staffing agency can be of great help to your business organization. Its expertise and solutions will assist in making your recruitment and hiring process streamlined, flexible, effective, cost-efficient and fast. Also, the agency will help you in getting the best candidates that are the right fit to your organizational values, culture and goals. When employed in your organization, their skills, experience and work efficiency will contribute to your organization’s growth and success.

You may have never before used the services of a staffing company. You may be wondering when is the correct time to collaborate with one. Here are some tell-tale signs to know when you need to invest in a staffing company to gain various recruitment and hiring benefits. 

1. Low on time

Hiring is a time-consuming and tedious task. It involves reviewing job applications and resumes, contacting prospective candidates for interviews and shortlisting the best ones for giving employment. All these tasks require dedicated time for performing them. Lack of serious time-commitment towards them may affect the progress of your hiring process. 

Do you lack adequate time to write quality job descriptions, shortlist resumes and screen candidates? Then it is a sign that you need to seek help from a staffing service. By performing these tasks for you, the service will save your time and let you use it productively for performing other more important tasks. They will ensure that you get the best-fit candidates for your vacant roles without losing focus on your core revenue generation tasks.  

2. Temporary Vacancies        

Every enterprise requires temporary staff because of various reasons. Some of these are female employees on maternity leave, sick employees and projects that require to be urgently completed or staffed. You may make other employees perform the tasks that have to be performed by newly hired temporary staff. But this will overload them with the work and leave them exhausted at the end of the day. 

Overtime and overwork affects your employees’ productivity and makes them dissatisfied. So they don’t want to work with your organization any more and are keen on joining somewhere else. 

To relieve your other employees’ work overload and for completing your projects smoothly, you should seek help from a staffing agency. It will source and arrange the best-fit workers for your temporary positions in a fast manner. So you can avoid employee burnout rate as well as save expenses due to overtime and employee turnover. 

3. Onboarding bad hires 

It may turn out that some of the new employees you have hired are not the right fit for your organization. You may be feeling dissatisfied with them due to one of various reasons. These can be they are not providing you quality work as required, or they are working inconsistently. They are not gelling well with the team due to a negative attitude or being of introverted personality. The new hires do not possess the desired skills or knowledge. They can leave your organization within a short period of time. 

Bad hires can cost your organization a lot of money. The costs can escalate further if you replace them with human resources with specialized skills or seniority.   

Have you already made the mistake of hiring bad hires and it has begun impacting your bottom line? Then it’s time to partner with a staffing company. Its recruitment specialists will perform all the background checks on the candidates. Also, they will pre vet the candidates and verify their skills. This will ensure that you get the right-fit new employees for the first time itself without any hassles.

4. Lack of Right Resources 

Your enterprise does not have a skilled HR department or manager trained in hiring and interviewing candidates with the latest and best practices. So you may not get success in your hiring endeavors. 

Lack of requisite skills in your human resource team or manager can lead to bad hires or sometimes delayed hiring. So your other employees have to overwork, thus leading to employee dissatisfaction and turnover. This may also cause reduced work productivity and increased costs due to lack of efficiency and quality work and rehiring. 

But when you hire a staffing agency, you are assured to get success in your hiring efforts because of these reasons. Its recruiters have the desired skills, experience and knowledge in the recruitment domain. Also, they use the latest and advanced AI guided tools for sorting the resumes on the basis of certain keywords. Moreover, the recruiters have access to a vast database of highly qualified and seasoned candidates for various positions. Furthermore, they are adept in writing detailed and perfect job descriptions for attracting the right candidates. They will post the job descriptions on job boards and other online platforms, so they are able to reach a wider network. 

After understanding your company’s needs in terms of positions, timeline and culture, the agency’s recruiters will use their skills, knowledge, tools and resources for finding the desired candidates for your organization. They will be able to identify and source the great-fit candidates for your positions in a quick and cost-efficient manner. So you will get saved from the hassles of finding the candidates yourself and freely focus on your core tasks.

5. Saving of costs

In comparison to hiring your own in-house HR team, hiring a staffing agency is a cost-effective option for you. It will help to save and optimize your recruitment costs without impacting the quality of new hires. 

Firstly, you need not spend a substantial amount of money in hiring your in-house HR staff, training them and awarding them salary and other benefits. Secondly, you can avoid bad hires and hiring new employees in their place. Thirdly you can avail different HR services such as recruiting operations, payroll management, employee performance assessment, etc, at a low cost. All these translate into significant cost savings for your company.    

If you feel you are shelling out exorbitant costs on maintaining your HR department and its operations, it is time to transition to a staffing agency. 

6. Urgent Requirements

Your company may be working on many projects concurrently and suddenly you may need more employees to work on them. Finding employees that could join your organization immediately can be a challenging task for you. This may require you to spend many hours searching and refining through thousands of resumes. Also, you may have to allocate additional tasks to your other employees which will exhaust them.

A staffing agency can help you solve this problem by filling your urgent vacancies in a prompt and cost-effective manner. 

7. Hard-to-fill positions

Some of the positions require rare and special skills which are possessed by very few individuals. Your inability to reach them for hiring can cause your positions to remain vacant for a long time. This in turn will cost you money and impact your associated tasks and processes.

But when you hire a staffing service, this ceases to be a problem. Due to their networking with the best of candidates and their references and vetted diverse suppliers, they are able to find candidates with rare skill sets whenever you need them.

8. Ineffective job descriptions

You may not be able to attract and source the desired talent to your vacant positions due to various reasons. These can be unclear job descriptions, your job listings not reaching the right audience or lack of preparation for the hiring process. A staffing company can better tackle these challenges by preparing well for the hiring process, writing detailed and keyword-driven job descriptions, posting them on the right platforms, etc. Thus, you can get success in your candidate search and sourcing efforts.        

9. Industry Expertise

If you require industry expertise for making better hiring decisions, then a staffing agency can be quite useful to your company. A staffing agency has more in-depth knowledge of specific industries. By working with a staffing agency, you can benefit from its industry knowledge and experience in recruiting candidates for your industry.  

Industry insights play a critical role in the success of any recruitment drive. Knowledge about particular skills, credentials or experiences required for specific roles is advantageous for your organization. A staffing agency has the specialists that have the knowledge and insights about your industry. They will provide you targeted recruiting support and personalized assistance. Also, its specialists will provide you insightful advice on salary guidelines, job descriptions and hiring trends. Their recommendations will positively affect your hiring strategy.  

10. Scalability  

If your organization’s hiring needs increase or decrease often, then you do need a staffing service. On account of its sourcing on-demand capabilities, a staffing service can scale up or down its services as per your business needs. Thus you can easily adjust your hiring requirements as your business grows. 

The staffing service’s specialists will help you in performing your recruitment tasks and responsibilities. So you need not worry about hiring additional in-house recruitment teams to handle your increased recruitment requirements. Similarly, you need not worry about making recruitment staff cuts as your hiring slows. 

11. Your company is growing through major changes 

Your company may have embarked on a new project, or it may be expanding into a new territory, or moving into a new industry. In all these scenarios, your company will have to undergo significant changes or restructuring. So it is beneficial to partner with a staffing agency. It will assist you with any personnel changes and make the hiring process much smoother. 

Particularly in the beginning stages of a new venture, it is utmost important to have a strong workforce that represents your company and avoid as many bumps as possible. Here a staffing company’s recruiters can be of great help to you as they have experience in staffing in virtually every professional situation. By taking care of your recruitment-related tasks and responsibilities, they will provide you immense relief when you have so much to deal with.  

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