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Video Interview Tips to Prep You for Success

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With more and more people working remotely since the onset of the pandemic, video interviews have become the new norm. This rising trend for virtual interviews has been established by a survey conducted by Indeed, a reputed recruitment agency. According to this study, 82 percent of organizations use virtual interviews, and 93 percent plan to continue their use. So, if you want a job in today’s scenario, you should know how to give a video interview and excel in it. 

Here are some helpful online video interview tips from Xyber IT experts which can help you succeed in a remotely held video interview and eventually get the job. 

However, before we delve into those tips, it’s crucial to understand the different types of video interviews to have a basic idea of what to expect when you face them.

In-office video interviews

These live video interviews take place at your potential employer’s office. Here the interviewer works with the employing company but is based in another location. You will be provided a room in the office where all the equipment is installed for your video interview. Also, the company employees will assist you in setting up the interview and ensuring everything works fine before they leave. You can seek their help if any video or audio problem arises during the interview.

Remote video interviews

Such live interviews take place outside of the potential employer’s office. Here you are free to choose a quiet location with a computer or laptop, a webcam, and a good interview connection. This could be your home, friend’s house, or any other place with the required equipment. It should be free from noise and other interruptions. 

Pre-recorded video interviews

Unlike a live interview, a pre-recorded video interview is an online interview that is filmed. The employer watches the recording after the conduction of the interview and assesses whether the interviewee will proceed to the next stage. 

In a pre-recorded video interview, the employer will provide instructions on joining the interview. Then, you will be prompted to answer pre-recorded interview questions or appear in writing on the screen. You have to record the answer to each question, and the employer will review the recording afterward. You will have to give and record answers within the allocated time limit, and the employer may give you more than one chance to record each answer.   

Now let’s uncover the tips on how to prepare for a video interview. 

Test Your Communication Tool: 

Your interviewer will inform you in advance about which online communication tool they will use for the interview: Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Hangouts, Zoom, or Facetime. So, you should know how to use the chosen tool, including how to start and end the session and mute your microphone or turn off your camera. Also, you should know how to share your screen in case you need to do a practical task during the interview. 

Moreover, you should perform a test run of the tool with a friend. It is required to check if your video looks good, the audio works fine, and your internet connection is stable. Moreover, you should log in to your tool half an hour before the interview to check if everything is working well. 

A technical problem may arise during your live video interview, disrupting your interview. In such cases, you must inform the interviewer about the issue by calling him at his phone number. Then, you have to either stop and restart the interview or request the interviewer to take the rest on the telephone. 

Get Your Place Ready

For the interview, choose a place that is quiet, tidy, and with good lighting. The table where your laptop or computer is kept should be free of unnecessary things. Only keep your resume, notes, pen, and water bottle there. To ensure no interruptions during your interview, tell your family members or those you live with about your interview. If you have a pet or baby, choose an interview time when he sleeps. Locking the door or putting a note on the door of your room and the entrance to the outside may help avoid interruptions to the interview. 

Adjust Lighting

Lighting is yet another critical thing to focus on for our online interview. Your room should have good natural light. If your room appears dark or dim even after adjusting the lights, you should use a lamp to brighten the space. So the interviewer can see you well. 

The source of light should come either from overhead or behind the camera. The light should never come from directly behind you. Avoid sitting with your back against an open window because it will make you look shadowy and distorted. 

Position the Camera

Some other things that need to be considered are positioning the device’s camera so it is at your eye level. Also, it would help if you use headphones for enhanced sound quality. 

Use Cue Cards

You can split your screen to put your prompt or cue cards on one half and your interview on the other. Cue cards visually describe various things like who you are, your work ethic, professional values, strengths, how you solve a problem, why you want to work with the company, etc. Also, you can use a cue card with the name and title of your interviewer inscribed on it. The cards help you remain engaged during the interview. 

Close Unwanted Applications

It would be best to close any unneeded applications or windows on your computer/laptop as they could interrupt the conversation or slow down the internet connection. Furthermore, you need to set your phone to silent mode before the beginning of your interview.

Keep Your Printed Resume

Keep your resume ready to capture essential career highlights in terms of skills, work experience, achievements, etc. For example, if you appear for an IT interview, your resume should mention the IT projects you have worked on, their tenure, challenges, and objectives. Also, you should keep a copy of the job description for the position you are being interviewed for and a list of questions you need to ask your interviewer. Printing and keeping all these things at your table will enable you to use them as reference points during your conversation.

Go Through the Company’s Website

Before appearing for the interview, make it a point to understand what the company deals in, its work culture, values, etc. The company’s website, LinkedIn profile, and news published on various news sites are good sources for obtaining this vital information about the company. 

Dress Appropriately

You should know what to wear for a video interview to look appropriate, professional, formal, and easily visible to the interviewer. So, dress accordingly from neck to toe. 

To get the best appearance on camera, avoid bright colors and patterns and choose softer colors instead. For example, if you want to wear a tie, it should be of solid color instead of a patterned one. If you wear glasses, adjust the lighting in the room for reduced glare from the lenses. 

Let’s now focus on the tips you must follow during the interview. 

Have the Right Body Language

Maintaining the correct body language is integral to online video interview etiquette. Ensure you have a good posture and are not slumping over your desk. It would be best to sit in a chair with your back straight while keeping your shoulders open. Plant your feet on the floor and rest your arms on your lap or desk. 

Maintain Good Eye Contact

Like an in-person interview, maintaining eye contact is extremely important during a video interview. So avoid looking directly at your interviewer on the screen while answering a question. Instead, it would be best if you directed your gaze at the webcam when you speak. As a result, your eyes are more likely to align with the interviewer’s eyes. But when you are listening, you can look back at the screen.     

Enjoy the Experience

Take deep breaths, stay calm and composed, and enjoy the experience. Speak clearly and talk slowly. During the interview, keep your mood upbeat and show enthusiasm through body language. While listening to the interviewer, nod and smile when appropriate. It helps to communicate that you are giving full attention to the interviewer. Use your hand gestures when appropriate, and keep your movements close to your body. Do not fidget; avoid letting your gaze drift away from the device.  

Manage Your Time

Video interviews are often of shorter duration than in-person interviews. So it is important to answer the interviewer’s questions clearly and concisely without rambling. When it’s time to end the interview, sign off by saying thank you to the interviewer and asking about the next steps. 

Now it’s time to reveal to you the tips that you need to follow after the interview is over.

Follow up: Always follow up on your interview by dropping a thank you email to your interviewer/interviewers. Also, it would help if you did not forget to convey your interest and excitement for the role and the next steps.

Analyze: Try to find out and analyze 2-3 things that went well during the interview and those that need improvement. So you can work on them to perform even better in the following interview.  We hope this comprehensive video interview guide from Xyber IT staffing specialists proves helpful to you in cracking your web-based remote interview and getting your coveted job. Start practicing these insightful